SATURDAY Chinese Service @ 7.30pm / SUNDAY English Service @ 9.30am


Audio & Visual Ministry is the technical support team for all the church functions and events. We handle almost everything that runs on electricity, from live sound, video productions, media display, and stage lightings

Mission Statement

We know that faith comes from hearing and believe that spoken word and song are two of the most important tools for a church service. It is our goal as a media team to provide clear and intelligible sound that is transparent and distraction-free to the listener. The goal of the church audio team is to provide audio that is worthy of the worship of Jesus Christ. This goal is best accomplished by ministering to the technical, physical, and spiritual needs of those who have entrusted God’s Word to us (those ministering to the congregation) so that we can impart that message to the hearts and ears of the Body of Christ. When someone speaks, prays, or sings the Word of God, it flows through our system. Everything flows through us and flows out from us. If we’re not on top of our game for any time during that hour, it affects the entire service. We believe that the position of sound /video operator is an important mission of the church. We believe that equipping our media team with proper training, equipment and communication skills we can achieve our mission.

Technical Crew Personal Mission

We believe that the position of the technical crew is an important mission of the church. We will revere the mission by giving the position respect, priority and our personal best, be on time, interact with people, not just so that we can make them sound good and look good, but so that people can worship God and stay attentive and focused on the activities of the service.