SATURDAY Chinese Service @ 7.30pm / SUNDAY English Service @ 9.30am


The Mission of Levitical Ministry

Sensing God’s call to develop a lifestyle of praise and worship, the Levitical Ministry of Tabernacle of Worship faithfully desires to magnify Christ by offering believers avenues in leading worship, discipleship, and evangelization through the arts.

Philosophy of Worship

Our audience is God and we aim to build a place where He can reside with pleasure and work in the hearts of people as we respond to His presence. Levites see themselves as worship leaders and ministers, not performers. They do not desire to draw attention to themselves or even the art form they are using but to usher people to the throne of God by offering and modeling authentic worship. As worship leaders, they desire to offer a sacrifice of praise that is worthy of our great God with excellence, joy, and reverence. Therefore, they take their ministry seriously and strive to come before the congregation and the Lord with clean hands and a pure heart.

Our Goal

To lead people in a powerful praise and intimate worship of the Almighty using various art forms that display a creative God.

Why The Worship Arts Ministry Exists

To give an opportunity for those creative types to express their passion and artistry through worship. The people who make up of the Levitical Ministry see themselves not only as artists but also as leaders who offer their gifts to God as they lead the congregation in worship of our Creator.

Joining the Team

There are many areas to serve in the Levitical ministry. Some require previous experience but many areas simply require a heart to serve the Lord and willingness to learn. We are happy to train anyone who shows a Godly desire to give their talents to te Lord. Browse our website for more information and contact one of our Worship Pastors to schedule a personal meeting and audition.