Pastor's Notes

October 2020


It has been a very exciting month in September for we officially started our physical services. Though not every one is fully back to church yet but for those who came, thank you for being an encouragement! I am sure eventually everyone will be back to worship together.  Amen!

We believe and serve a great and mighty God - WHO IS always GOOD and FAITHFUL—and never for once had He forsaken those who believe in Him. We are thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ that HE WAS and STILL IS with us through the pandemic—walking, leading, guiding, strengthening, providing and protecting all of us.  Amen!

2 Corinthians 5:17, “This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” [NLT]

HOW we think directly affects HOW we live. In fact, many Christians are NOT AWARE of that, thus living everyday with a defeat mentality. Many are always unhappy, and are constantly living with discontentment and complains in life. Do you know that we don’t have to be like this.  We can live better with a great, positive and victor’s mentality. It can all change with just one word — CHOICE!   
Because we have Jesus in us, we become “new persons” in Christ, “the old is gone; a new life has begun.” We can change for the better in our daily life and living BY making the right CHOICES in life. Consider this: WHEN we think new and good thoughts - the following will happen to us . . .

 We physically alter our brain.
 We make healthier neural connections.
 We blaze new trails.
 Everything changes.

Then, and only then, we can live as true “new persons” in Christ Jesus, and always looking at things that comes our way with a new perspective. Amen!

You all have a great  and BLESSED weekend and also an amazing new month.

Remember that when you come to church, please observe the SOP as required by the Government.  

Thank you and God bless!

Pastor Christopher & Marianne Mun

牧师的讯息 - 十月刊

九月份真是一个振奋人心的时刻,特别当我们正式开始恢复主日实体聚会的时候。 虽然,
鼓励!我深信,最终大家都会齐齐团圆在主家。 阿们!

深信我们所侍奉的是一位伟大又奇妙的上帝 - - 祂永远是美善与信实,从不撇下那些信靠
祂的人。   我们感谢主耶稣基督,在疫情中祂依然与我们同在 —— 同行、带领、引导、

哥林多后书 5:17

我们的思维会直接影响我们的生活。 事实上有许多基督徒对此并不理解,因此每天都会
以失败者的心态过生活。 许多人总是不开心,对生活充满抱怨和不满。 其实人真的无需
活成这个样子。 我们可以活出乐观、积极和得胜思想的生活。 只需作出“选择”,一切

因为有耶稣在我们里面,我们成了“新造的人”“旧事已过,都变成新的了!” 我们



事情。 阿们!





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