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 March, 2020


Greetings to you ALL in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!


Welcome home, every one! We are glad to havve you back.


As we journey through 2020 on our church theme "I AM BLESSED" - Started off this first quarter on why we are BLESSED by focusing on "WHO GOD IS." We are BLESSED because WHO our God is, and that He has great plans for all of us who are IN Christ Jesus.


HE IS the reason why we are so blessed in Christ Jesus. Thus far we've looked at . . .

1. God is the Creator, Elohim [Genesis 1:1-2]

2. God is Almighty, El-Shaddai [Genesis 17:1-5]

3. God is All-Knowing, Omniscient [Psalm 139:1-6, 17-18]

4. God is All-Present, Omnipresent [Genesis 28:12-15]

5. God is Our Shepherd, Jehovah Rohi [Psalm 23]

6. God is Our Provider, Jehovah Jireh [Genensis 22:1-4]

7. Jesus is the Lord of the Harvest, Kuriou you therismou [Matthew 9:35-38]

8. God is Our Banner, Jehovah Nissi [Exodus 17:8-16]


I trust that you will continue to walk with us as we journey in knowing "WHO GOD ISin our life. Amen!


May you have an experiential and BLESSED encounter with God.




Your Pastors,

Pastor Christopher & Marianne Mun

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